Achieve Your Clubs Potential

Boys and Girls Clubs Scotland has been at the forefront of working with young people in Scotland since 1928. Boys and Girls Clubs Scotland helps young people to achieve their potential through social and personal development opportunities. We provide support to our network of members, as well as deliver a national programme of initiatives.

Creating Opportunity For Clubs In Scotland

Through our participating Clubs, we provide the necessary opportunities, support, skills and positive role models, which help young people in their journey towards becoming healthy and confident adults.  The focus of many of our member clubs is on sport and physical activity and, as an organisation, we are committed to providing exciting opportunities to engage young people in learning new skills, whilst increasing their physical health.

Social & Community Involvement

There is strong evidence that in communities where a Boys and Girls Clubs Scotland are active, there are lower levels of youth crime and vandalism. Our clubs operate across Scotland, ranging from the most deprived urban areas to remote rural communities. Approximately 10,000 young people access clubs, part of the Boys and Girls Clubs Scotland network, each week.

David Taylor
David Rowan
Vice Chairman/ Treasurer
John Beatt
Head of Girls Football
David Saunders
Football Coach
Wullie Davey
Child Protection Officer
Ross James
Girls Football Coach
Joe Hughes
Board Member
Greig Sorrie

The Aims Of Boys and Girls Clubs Scotland

  • To develop and foster Partnerships between Federations, Affiliated Clubs and External Organisations to provide a safe environment in which to promote the general welfare of young people in Scotland. Also to promote any kind of sport and artistic activity for young boys’ and girls’.
  • To maintain a centre of reference, for Boys and Girls Clubs Scotland, and to encourage and promote the benefits of using the service.
  • To assist, when requested, in the formation of new clubs and in the establishment of Federations in governance, where appropriate.
  • Promote events and activities on offer through the local Federations and assist members to partake in such events and or alternative activities.
  • To promote the co-operation between Federations and Clubs through competitions, training events and other means available.
  • To stimulate interest in the work of Boys and Girls Clubs Scotland, and recruit and train volunteers.
  • To co-operate at National level with other bodies, statutory and voluntary, interested in the welfare of young people and to act as a link between Boys and Girls Clubs Scotland and Government Departments, Public Bodies and Trusts.
  • To make and carry out any arrangements of mutual benefit for joint working or co-operation with any other society or body having as one of its aims the welfare of young people.
  • To raise and administer funds for the furtherance of the Aims of the Association and take any action which may be to the benefit of the welfare of young people.